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Colour Inspiration - What does a red envelope say about you or your brand?14th Jun 2015

If your brand is red, or you are choosing a red envelope for an invitation or special event, then you are in good company. The colour is globally one of our top two favourite colours and the most popular colour used on national flags around the world.

Instantly recognisable companies such Coca Cola, Lego, Virgin and Kelloggs to name but a few feature red heavily or even exclusively in their branding and that is not really a surprise. Red undoubtedly captures attention, which is why it is used universally on stop signs, traffic lights, fire engines and alarms - so you don't miss them.

Red is also said to raise blood pressure and quicken your heartbeat, although this is at best anecdotal, with no medical proof and while it may true for some, there are no guarantees it would be the case for everyone.

However, if your brand incorporates red, or you are looking to make a statement and create an impact when your mailing arrives, or as you hand that invitation to a friend, then you are certainly on the right track.

A red envelope can be used to attract attention - even if unwanted!


Design Considerations When Using Red

Red doesn't always play well with other colours - for example, while blue and red look good together, it can be a challenge to get that particular combination to work well with anything else.

Context is also important - put red on a black background and you are guaranteed to get instant impact. Against white, red will appear less intense. Use it with orange and it often looks pretty uninspiring.

There is also a train of thought that suggests reds that lean more towards yellow (think tomato and orange hues) are favoured by males, whereas reds with a blue element, the more "berry" reds, are preferred by females. We're not so sure on this one, but we'd love to find a way to scientifically test this theory out!

Red Around the World

As with most colours, red can have different significance in different cultures, specifically in Asia:

  • The most popular colour in China and a considered to be lucky throughout Asia
  • Red Chinese New Year envelopes are synonymous with that festival
  • In Japan, the sun is drawn by children as a big red circle, rather than a big yellow one as we would expect in Europe
  • While in the UK, we associate red with indicating a drop in finances, in Asia, red indicates an increase, perhaps because it is considered lucky?

Red Coloured Envelopes in all Sizes

So if you are thinking of using a red envelope for your next mailing, chances are you will be having a positive, possibly pulse-raising effect on the recipient! What we do know for sure is that it won't be missed!

We currently stock over 30 red envelopes in all shades and sizes on our site, with more products being added all the time. From C5, C4 and Red Metallic Bubble Envelopes along with square invitation sizes, we either have it or can get it. Just ask or browse our great range of red envelopes here now. 

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