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What is the true size of a C5 envelope?14th Sep 2015

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the actual size of a C5 envelope. This confusion is only increased by the use of such size formats as C5+, C5- and Oversize C5. So what are the real dimensions of our most popular envelope size?

There is in fact only one true C5 size – 162mm x 229mm. Anything else is strictly speaking not a C5, although many with similar dimensions are referred to using the terms above. However, even though there is only one size, there are some variations.

C5 Envelope Variations

In true C5 we stock either wallet, where the flap is on the long edge of the envelope or pocket, where the flap on the short edge.

Both these flap styles are available in window or non-window variations. Windows too can occupy different positions on the envelope and have different dimensions. This is in addition to specialist window positions common in other countries around the world.

For bulkier mailings, we also stock C5 envelopes with a gusset, allowing more sheets to be included in the packet. The size of these gussets remains consistent with other C5s.

Other C5 Features

The variety of C5s does not stop there! This versatile size also comes in a board back and all board version, which helps to protect the contents from damage. We also stock untearable C5 size products for totally secure mail.

Finally, you can choose from self-seal or peal and seal for use for general stationery applications and also gummed trapezium flaps for use in mailing machines.

Different Size “C5” Envelopes

Of course, we mentioned at the outset C5+, or oversized C5 and C5- envelope sizes. While these are strictly speaking not C5s, these envelopes are typically just a few mm in difference from a standard C5 and have specific jobs to do:

  • Undersized gummed C5 envelopes are typically used as business reply envelopes (BREs) which are sent out inside a normal C5 sized envelope (otherwise they wouldn’t fit!)
  • Oversize C5 mailers are used in folder inserter machines (FINS) when an A4 item is automatically folded in half and inserted into the packet. The extra few mm of room, along with a typical outside seam construction, facilitates these machines working at peak efficiency with the minimum of jams.

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion – a C5 is a C5! Except when it isn’t...

If you need help determining the right size and type of envelope for your requirements, drop us a line – we’ll be happy to help find the perfect product for you.

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